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2207 67th Street
Galveston, TX 77551
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  • 随着Galveston岛上的华人增加,为了向他们传福音,从70年代起至90年代初,若干基督徒华人查经班陆续成立。
  • 1991年,作为University Baptist Church (Galveston, Texas) 的mission church, 这些华人查经班自愿联合,成立了华人教会。
  • 1993年正式以海湾华人教会(Galveston Chinese Church)的名称,向州政府登记,教会仍UBC的mission church,并假UBC的场地开展崇拜、主日学、团契活动,并于1993年聘请倪仲永为教会牧师。
  • 1998年8月,海湾华人教会从Heritage Christian Church购置会堂(附Parsonage一座,改为教育楼),地址为2207 67th St. Galveston, TX77551。
  • 教会仍为BGCT和GBA 的会员。
By admin on 2009/10/5 19:59

主后二千零九年 十月四日对于海湾华人教会将会成为一个具有特殊意义的日子,因为在这一天,经过一年多灾后的流离失所,经过四个多月不懈的修复建造,我们终于再次回到修造 一新,更为荣美的教会殿堂中来赞美敬拜神。这是主得胜的日子,这是众圣徒共沐天恩的日子,这是发生在我们周遭的最大的神迹!

By admin on 2009/10/1 21:19
Today’s work: They finished the molding, caulking, priming and painting of the post supporting the porch
By admin on 2009/9/29 21:12

They installed 2 water fountains, one each in SB and EB. The water is cool but needs to be flushed many times before it is drinkable.They made 4 podia: 3 are 42” high for adults, and one is 36” high for kids. Mark installed a tubular lock to the exit door in auditorium. Jacob covered the awning with shingles.

By admin on 2009/9/28 21:43
They installed a ceiling light in the porch.They re-hanged the 海湾华人教会church sign for us. Before doing that they painstakingly repainted the cedar board with painter’s brush. The church sign is now ready to be coated with polyurethane for preservation. Thanks to Kenney...
By admin on 2009/9/27 21:09

They painted the lid of the baptistery.They installed fire/smoke alarms to the ceiling in both buildings. There are 4 in SB (auditorium, 2 hallways, and fellowship hall) and 3 in EB (The big room and the 2 classrooms).They sealed the opening around window AC unit.Chris bought 2 fire extinguishers.

By admin on 2009/9/26 20:55
They painted the awning, the men’s room partition, etc. They connected the wires to the speakers and hanged them to the ceiling tiles. Chris bought 3 sets of hoses and a pump for the operation of the baptistery...
By admin on 2009/9/25 19:37

They built an awning to cover the entrance door to the EB. By doing so the awning blocks the illumination of the security light to the right side of the deck. I told Chris to install another one to the right side of the awning. They opened up and installed air vents to the soffits of the EB. There were 5 on the west side and 4 on the east side.

By admin on 2009/9/24 21:56
They erected a new fence to close off the section broken by our west side neighbor.They repaired all the fallen, broken, loosened old fences.They poured concrete to make the platform of the porch.Jacob made a wood box to box in the baptistery. Then, he will do the decorative paneling and molding on 3 sides of the box. They poured concrete at the junction of the fence gate and the parking lot in preparation for making a 3’-wide walk way between the deck and the parking lot. Kenney stained the entrance door.It was one of the most productive day!
By admin on 2009/9/23 20:55
They continued to work on the installation of the front doors. Chris did most of the crowning and molding. Jacob and Mark worked on framing the floor for concrete. They installed a rectangular gable (ca. 2’ x 3’) on the south wall of the EB. The north wall has an old one which is bigger and is still good.
By admin on 2009/9/22 20:16

Lily, Meilan, Jake and I met Brian at First Baptist Church at 11 AM this morning.  We went over the second time the list of EXTRA work submitted to us by Brian and the punch list we prepared for Brian. 

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