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 3/15/2010 12:39 PM
士师记第十五章(Judges15)  (United States)

1 After some days, at the time of wheat harvest, Samson went to visit his wife with a young goat. And he said, "I will go in to my wife in the chamber." But her father would not allow him to go in.
1 过了些日子,到割麦子的时候,参孙带著一只山羊羔去看他的妻,说:「我要进内室见我的妻。」他岳父不容他进去,
2 And her father said, "I really thought that you utterly hated her, so I gave her to your companion. Is not her younger sister more beautiful than she? Please take her instead."
2 说:「我估定你是极其恨他,因此我将他给了你的陪伴。他的妹子不是比他还美丽吗?你可以娶来代替他吧!」
3 And Samson said to them, "This time I shall be innocent in regard to the Philistines, when I do them harm."
3 参孙说:「这回我加害於非利士人不算有罪。」
4 So Samson went and caught 300 foxes and took torches. And he turned them tail to tail and put a torch between each pair of tails.
4 於是参孙去捉了三百只狐狸(或作:野狗),将狐狸尾巴一对一对地捆上,将火把捆在两条尾巴中间,
5 And when he had set fire to the torches, he let the foxes go into the standing grain of the Philistines and set fire to the stacked grain and the standing grain, as well as the olive orchards.
5 点著火把,就放狐狸进入非利士人站著的禾稼,将堆集的禾捆和未割的禾稼,并橄榄园尽都烧了。
6 Then the Philistines said, "Who has done this?" And they said, "Samson, the son-in-law of the Timnite, because he has taken his wife and given her to his companion." And the Philistines came up and burned her and her father with fire.
6 非利士人说:「这事是谁做的呢?」有人说:「是亭拿人的女婿参孙,因为他岳父将他的妻给了他的陪伴。」於是非利士人上去,用火烧了妇人和他的父亲。
7 And Samson said to them, "If this is what you do, I swear I will be avenged on you, and after that I will quit."
7 参孙对非利士人说:「你们既然这样行,我必向你们报仇才肯罢休。」
8 And he struck them hip and thigh with a great blow, and he went down and stayed in the cleft of the rock of Etam.
8 参孙就大大击杀他们,连腿带腰都砍断了。他便下去,住在以坦磐的穴内。
9 Then the Philistines came up and encamped in Judah and made a raid on Lehi.
9 非利士人上去安营在犹大,布散在利希。
10 And the men of Judah said, "Why have you come up against us?" They said, "We have come up to bind Samson, to do to him as he did to us."
10 犹大人说:「你们为何上来攻击我们呢?」他们说:「我们上来是要捆绑参孙;他向我们怎样行,我们也要向他怎样行。」
11 Then 3,000 men of Judah went down to the cleft of the rock of Etam, and said to Samson, "Do you not know that the Philistines are rulers over us? What then is this that you have done to us?" And he said to them, "As they did to me, so have I done to them."
11 於是有三千犹大人下到以坦磐的穴内,对参孙说:「非利士人辖制我们,你不知道吗?你向我们行的是什麽事呢?」他回答说:「他们向我怎样行,我也要向他们怎样行。」
12 And they said to him, "We have come down to bind you, that we may give you into the hands of the Philistines." And Samson said to them, "Swear to me that you will not attack me yourselves."
12 犹大人对他说:「我们下来是要捆绑你,将你交在非利士人手中。」参孙说:「你们要向我起誓,应承你们自己不害死我。」
13 They said to him, "No; we will only bind you and give you into their hands. We will surely not kill you." So they bound him with two new ropes and brought him up from the rock.
13 他们说:「我们断不杀你,只要将你捆绑交在非利士人手中。」於是用两条新绳捆绑参孙,将他从以坦磐带上去。
14 When he came to Lehi, the Philistines came shouting to meet him. Then the Spirit of the LORD rushed upon him, and the ropes that were on his arms became as flax that has caught fire, and his bonds melted off his hands.
14 参孙到了利希,非利士人都迎著喧嚷。耶和华的灵大大感动参孙,他臂上的绳就像火烧的麻一样,他的绑绳都从他手上脱落下来。
15 And he found a fresh jawbone of a donkey, and put out his hand and took it, and with it he struck 1,000 men.
15 他见一块未乾的驴腮骨,就伸手拾起来,用以击杀一千人。
16 And Samson said, "With the jawbone of a donkey, heaps upon heaps, with the jawbone of a donkey have I struck down a thousand men."
16 参孙说:我用驴腮骨杀人成堆,用驴腮骨杀了一千人。
17 As soon as he had finished speaking, he threw away the jawbone out of his hand. And that place was called Ramath-lehi.
17 说完这话,就把那腮骨从手里抛出去了。那地便叫拉末利希。
18 And he was very thirsty, and he called upon the LORD and said, "You have granted this great salvation by the hand of your servant, and shall I now die of thirst and fall into the hands of the uncircumcised?"
18 参孙甚觉口渴,就求告耶和华说:「你既藉仆人的手施行这麽大的拯救,岂可任我渴死、落在未受割礼的人手中呢?」
19 And God split open the hollow place that is at Lehi, and water came out from it. And when he drank, his spirit returned, and he revived. Therefore the name of it was called En-hakkore; it is at Lehi to this day.
19 神就使利希的洼处裂开,有水从其中涌出来。参孙喝了,精神复原;因此那泉名叫隐哈歌利,那泉直到今日还在利希。
20 And he judged Israel in the days of the Philistines twenty years.
20 当非利士人辖制以色列人的时候,参孙作以色列的士师二十年。

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